Visions of steel

Müller Offenburg

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1. Quality

  • Certified quality management according to DIN 9001 ff

As a customer-oriented project production plant, Müller Offenburg bases its work on an extensive quality system. The corporate management, project management, research and development as well as the training and further training of our employees are fixed elements in our QM system and are the basis of the business success.


2. Professional expertise

  • Certificate for the factory production control according to DIN EN 1090-1:2010-0
  • Certificate confirming the compliance with welding quality requirements according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 / DIN EN 729-2 (comprehensive quality requirement)

As a supplier of top-class structural steelwork for bridges, grandstands, self-supporting constructions and railway projects, our technical staff is highly obliged to observe the standards and sets of rules and regulations in force. Through regular trainings, audits and an active participation in the technical committees of the Deutscher Stahlbauverband (German association for structural steelwork), Müller Offenburg is always state of the art. This standard inspires confidence, as structural steel engineering is also a matter of confidence.


3. Occupational safety

Safety Certificate for Contractors SCC** according to checklist 2011

Steel construction requires specific safety measures to prevent accidents and reduce risks – on and off the construction site, day and night. Müller Offenburg takes these obligations very seriously and not only because the health and welfare of all individuals working at construction sites is of prime importance to our company but also because we are interested in protecting and improving our environment as well.

Based on these concerns, as early as in 2003, the company was certified according to SCC** – the Safety Certificate for Contractors. This international standard is now the basis of a safety management system that is continuously improved and further developed. This system has been supplementing the quality rules and processes that have been used by the company for many years. This certification applies to the delivery and assembly of steel constructions and provides the basis for meeting and exceeding the demanding requirements of the big industry whenever and wherever necessary.