Visions of steel

Special constructions


Special constructions

Planning and implementing individual constructional solutions is one of the many strengths of Müller Offenburg. The demand for high-quality special structures made from steel or other metals has increased steadily over the past few years. We meet the demanding requirements of our customers by actively planning and jointly optimizing special construction designs and projects.

Food technology:
With more than 20 years of experience, Müller Offenburg is one of the leading German suppliers in the industrial baking oven sector. Steel-band ovens manufactured on a high standard of completion and stretching 4 meters in width and up to 100 meters in length are delivered to the globally leading provider of industrial baking technologies.

Production engineering:

Our quality, on-time delivery, safety and flexibility have earned us the respect of well-known companies of Germany's industry and trade we are supplying in this area. Due to the open manufacturing and production structure of Müller Offenburg, the demand for various system components as well as racks and frames, basic supports or storage structures can be met rapidly and effectively.

Our experience of the past few years increases the demand for the production of machine enclosures, heat treatment equipments, hydraulic propulsion systems up to the complete production facility.

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